idea(s) to workshop

For your blog post for next week, you need to revisit the 3 ideas you sent me last week, see whether you still like any of those ideas, and/or come up with new one(s). From that set of ideas, choose 1 idea that you want to pursue for your project proposal, and one back-up idea.

In a blog post, write up your top-choice idea in about a paragraph, considering as you write whether the idea/concept would fit the CFW and the Kairos venue that you read about for homework. (You should also consider whether your idea/concept is do-able in a 10-week timeframe.)

In order to figure out whether your idea will fit, you will need to do a short rhetorical analysis on Kairos and the CFW. This means that you need to discuss what the venue expects in a digital media scholarship project, who the audience for Kairos is, and what category of submission (Topoi or Inventio) your idea would fit into regarding the CFW. You should detail all of this information in your blog post about your idea.

Be prepared to share your idea in class next week, as we’ll be spending the majority of class workshopping them. Also be prepared to share your back-up idea, if the first one proves unsuitable in some way.

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