Computers & Writing conference proposals


The annual Computers & Writing conference (a major academic conference in digital writing studies) is next May 20-23, 2010, at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN (two hours drive from Normal). Last year an undergraduate student went and presented with me and everyone loved having him there. I encourage you to propose to present (the proposal deadline is Friday!) either about your project for this class, or about this class, or about some other writing and technology related issue that you’re dealing with.

If you present (even in a poster presentation, which only takes 250 words), you can get $125 in travel money from the Graduate School here at ISU to use towards reimbursing you for travel expenses. In exchange for the money, you have to agree to give the same/similar presentation at the research Symposium in the spring. (This goes for grad students as well!)

You can also apply to attend the Graduate Research Network (the undergrad went last year too), which will make you eligible for the GRN Travel Award (also a reimbursement situation) for part of your conference fee (usually around $100, which includes all your meals for 4 days). The accommodations at the conference include cheap stays in the dorms, which you can share between two of you, usually for about $30 a nite. The total cost of attending this conference (driving there) will be around $300-400.

If you’re interested in talking to teachers about what you do with technology as an undergraduate, or you’re interested in grad school in any form, you should consider attending. It’s a friendly conference (usually around 300 people), welcoming folks, close by, and lots of fun!

And you know how to write proposals now, so go for it!! Go to this website for information on how to propose.

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