+ Major Project



  • XXX (workshop draft);
  • XXX (revised version);
  • during exam period (final version in portfolio)

Working off of the CFP, the course work, and your project proposal and pitch, you will work in groups (for undergraduates) or individually (for graduate students) to complete a submittable draft of a piece of digital scholarship for Kairos’ special issue on undergraduate research. Specifics of the project will be decided among the groups in consultation with me. All components of your project need to be accessible forĀ  readers of differing abilities (i.e., video needs a transcript or captions, images need titles, etc.). My recommendation (if it makes rhetorical sense based on your blog design) is to create a new page on your blog to host your project proposal, which will function kinda like an introduction to the group project itself, and then include the group project on that page as well (either as an embed or a link).

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