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Due: No later than the end of the exam period, Wednesday, December 9, from 1-3pm.

  • I will be in my office (421g) or in the lab during that time.
  • Email me the URL for your portfolio
  • Deliver your CD/DVD of major projects (or those components that can be delivered offline) no later than deadline above. Can go in my dept mailbox or hand-delivered during exam period.

There is an online and an offline component to your portfolio. Make sure you have ALL parts completed well before the due date so you can double-check that they work before turning things in. Double-checking means taking a CD you’ve burned out of one machine and testing it in another machine, preferably of a different platform (i.e., if you burned on a PC, test on a Mac and vice versa). The same goes for any project files you upload to your blog. Test them using another computer before turning in your portfolio. If you turn in materials that DO NOT WORK, you will receive an email from me requesting a meeting to reburn your materials, as well as a 5% drop in your timeliness participation grade.

Online Portfolio Components:

  • blog post (or page) that links to your accessible group project
  • all completed assignments (blog posts/reflections, peer-review letters, etc.) from the semester that I asked you to post on your blog (see Schedule page for weekly assignments)
  • your portfolio reflection (see below)

These items should be uploaded to your individual blog, which functions as your online portfolio. Turning in your online portfolio contitutes sending me an email notifying me of your readiness. I should receive that email no later than 3pm on Wed., Dec. 9.

Portfolio Reflection
Your portfolio reflection can be done in any medium you want. It is a reflection of your learning throughout the whole class, not just the final project. If you want to use clips or images or audio to provide examples of this learning, you may, but I’m not expecting it. What I do expect is for you to be able to say in an intelligent way what it is you learned this semester. (Go back to the course goals.) Remember that I am your primary audience for this piece (read: academic/teacher), even though it will appear on your online portfolio where others might read/view it. Check out student examples from last semester’s 239 class (listed on our semester’s schedule under August 19: student reflection examples )– some are better than others, and I’m sure you can judge for yourself.

Focus on one or two main points that you want to make about your learning in this class. And, like I said, choose whatever medium you want. This piece should stand on its own rhetorically and might be the equivalent of 4 polished written pages, two minutes of audio, or one minute of video. Ish. The portfolio reflection is a chance for you to tell me what you’ve learned over the course of the term, how the class goals will extend beyond this particular class, and what major items you want me to most know about your learning over the semester. I take these reflections very seriously, and they are incredibly useful in my teaching this class and learning from students to better teach this class. Students have lost as much as a letter grade when their reflections were ill-prepared.

Offline Portfolio Components:

  • complete, revised version of your (group’s) accessible project. Put all of these files into a main folder with an appropriate label.
  • e-copy of your individual, revised project proposal
  • e-copy of your revised group-project proposal
  • e-copy of your portfolio reflection (if in multimedia, provide a full-size, playable version; if multiple files, put in a main folder with an appropriate label.

File-naming: All of your documents should have appropriate file names that tell me what the file is and who authored it. Follow the filenaming conventions we discussed in class.

Burning: The above items should be burned to a data (not auto-run) DVD or CD. Thumb drives not accepted. Note that I cannot give you instructions on how to burn DVDs on your individual computers because it will depend on what kind of computer you have, what burning software you have, etc. There are DVD burners in the lab that I can instruct you on how to use, but you’ll need to make an appointment with me prior to Wednesday (the due date) to show you how to use them. (Note: All your stuff might fit onto a CD. That’s fine, too.)

Labeling: The DVD must be labeled with your name and month/year in permanent marker or printed onto a permanently affixable DVD label. DVDs must be placed into an appropriate DVD sleeve or case. (No handmade cases will be allowed. I store these DVDs for permanent/archival use, so they need to be treated with care.)

Delivery: You have two delivery options — (1) The DVDs should be placed in my mailbox in the English Department mailroom, which is open from 8am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. Ask in the department office if you need help finding my mailbox. OR, (2) You can hand deliver them to me during exam hours on Wednesday, December 9 from 1-3pm. I will be in my office (421g) or the lab.

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