+ Proposal and Pitch



  • draft due on Tuesday, September 15 at 5pm and printed out to turn in to me on Sept. 16
  • revised draft due September 23, to be used, if chosen, by groupmates
  • final, revised proposal due in class with portfolio on December 2.

Goals of the assignment:

  • To put into practice some of the “disciplinary conversations” in the field of multimodal composition
  • To focus your project idea for this class and convey that information to your classmates and myself.
  • To convey, in writing, your multimodal project idea to an audience of teacher-scholars in digital writing studies (who are the guest editors of the special issue).

Instructions: Follow the instructions on the CFP to write up an individual project proposal for possible submission to the Kairos special issue. (Note: You are required to write the proposal, but whether you submit it to the guest editors is a decision your group will need to make after the pitches are presented on Sept. 23 but before the CFP deadline of October 1.) All instructions for this assignment are listed in the CFP’s proposal guidelines. In addition, your 1-page description should be single-spaced in a word-processing document and should discuss the relationship of your concept idea to the research you plan to use and the form/design your project takes. iow, how does it all come together, and in a creative/innovative way? Use the Manifesto issue peer-review guidelines and/or the 4 components of scholarly multimedia (from the V. Kuhn piece) to help make sure your proposal addresses all of the issues it needs to. Finally, you do not need to include contact information on the first or revised drafts — only on the version that your group actually submits to the guest editors (if you choose to submit it at all).

As for turning it in for class, your proposal drafts are due Tuesday, September 15 at 5pm. You should upload the Word document to your blog, or if that is not possible, cut and paste (and retain formatting) into a blog post with a clear subject line. All students are responsible for reading all 1-page proposals before class on Wednesday. In addition to posting a copy on your blog, you need to bring ONE PRINTED COPY to class for me to comment on. In class, we will workshop the proposals in a format to be determined (either us doing some together and some in small groups, depending on time). Everyone will receive feedback from me on your printed copy by the end of that week, so that you can revise based on your classmates and my feedback before your pitches are due the following week.



  • due September 23, to be presented in class
  • no longer than 3 minutes (so make SURE you practice beforehand and revise/edit as needed)
  • whatever media you need to accomplish your pitch

Goals of the assignment:

  • To practice remediation by repurposing your written proposal into a multimodal presentation.
  • To coherently present your knowledge gained so far on the rhetorical situation of this particular CFP for multimodal scholarship
  • To practice your rhetorical delivery
  • To convince your classmates that your idea should be chosen as one of the group projects

Instructions: Based on the work you’ve done so far in this class, including analysis of the CFP and your individual proposals, prepare a pitch no longer than 3 minutes that explains your proposal to your classmates and myself and that would convince your classmates to vote for your proposal concept. You will be casting secret ballots during class on Sept. 23, so we will know by the end of class which projects we will be completing this semester. (We will have no more than 5, and possibly 4, projects for the undergraduates. Although graduate students must work on their own projects, they still have to pitch their ideas.) I will be filming you AND timing you, so make sure to keep it under 3 minutes.

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